Braces (prescription) are fitted by a certified Orthotic Fitter*.

Over the counter store braces are fit by an HME specialist*

Braces: requiring fitting and/or prescription: Aspen, Comfortland, Optec, Ossur, Peak

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fitting/consultation (braces for cervical, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee, AFO)

  • Certified fitters (orthotic, mastectomy, therapeutic shoe) have classroom and clinical training and is deemed “certified” upon passing a nationally recognized written exam by the American Board for Cerfification (“ABC”)**.
  • HME Specialist is an employer trained individual in all equipment a store furnishes: how to set up, safety issues, how to train customers on safe use.

  • ** “ABC” is recognized as the standard for training programs, clinical programs and exam testing administration for several fitter types. Medicare requires “ABC” certified fitters to fit patients with braces, shoes, prostheses in order to provide consistent quality patient care and in order to be reimbursed. Fitters are required to maintain certification through ongoing annual education and clinical hours AND Medicare requires proof of renewed certification (just as they do for licensed disciplines)